Lake Geneva WORS raceMy name is Chris Smith.  I am a Wisconsin web developer with a love for PHP, open source, and mountain biking.  I live in a sea of technology and am passionate about sharing my experiences to all that will listen.  If you need an experienced web developer to create an application or refactor existing code then you and I should have a conversation about that!

I have been tinkering and building websites for over a decade.  I started with an inventory management system to assist in tracking lost products for a large corporation.

I love sharing code and looking through other people’s code.  My perfect day is writing code with peers and helping teach one another new practices or styles of coding.  Ideally this would be with a nice home-brewed beer :).

I attend as many PHP talks I can at my local Milwaukee PHP User Group and can’t wait to give more talks of my own.

I am available for long and short term projects, big and small. Whether you require a developer for backend PHP and SQL or frontend HTML, CSS or Javascript, I will be able to assist you on getting your idea built and released.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me through any available method!