Mandrill Redirecting on the Activity Page


I love Mandrill.  It is a transactional email service with a very simple integration at a very low cost.  I had an issue though and reached out to there support about it.

Every time I went to the ‘Activity’ tab I kept getting redirected to a search that was performed for a domain name… like a long time ago.  I tried to see what was going on and went into incognito mode on the browser to see if I could duplicate the issue.  Yup.  Happening in incognito mode.

A couple taps of the keyboard and the message was sent:

Not sure how to explain it… using Chrome, my dashboard only shows ‘abc.tld’ as the search and is overwriting other searches.

Cleared my cache, tried search again.

I feel like an old man :'(

Support sent back a polite, “not our problem” email with some suggestions, such as disable the extensions.  Sure enough, I found the issue.  The LastPass extension has advanced autofill of any form field on a website.  So the ‘q’ field matched and it put in ‘abc.tld’ for me and tried submitting.  Well, it didn’t try, it did submit.

I did not see this issue in incognito because LastPass is enabled on my PC in incognito.

Not a bright moment.  Lesson learned? Take a deep breath and disable your extensions.

Your PHP Strengths and Weaknesses with Upwork

I have been freelancing more and more to test my strengths and identify my weaknesses.  I’ve found that the biggest challenge is to hold of on refactoring everything.  I find myself reminding myself to focus on the task at hand.  It is really, really hard.

For example, a recent client had a job posted with a budget of $15 and I need to increase my reputation so I can get decent jobs there.  The job posting was:

Change output from DOMPDF to 300dpi

“Wow, that is in the dompdf config file!” I said stupidly to myself.

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The future of contracting

I’ve owned my own business and have worked at development shops before.  I understand the challenges in running a business and understand the “daily grind” involved with working for a company.

The challenges involved with owning my own business has a lot to do with managing the things that I don’t particularly prefer to do: taxes, sales, following up with clients to collect, etc.  The daily grind occasionally becomes to slow to evolve and change with the fast paced development speed I prefer.

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How to Separate Concerns with Legacy PHP Apps and Composer

logo-composer-transparent3Legacy PHP applications get a bad reputation.  They are constantly ridiculed for being hard to work on, lots of repetition, no unit testing, etc.  There is a straight-forward way to approach code when you come across it.  I’ll show you how you can start separating classes using Composer in this entry.

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Open Cart 2.0 Invoice to PDF Extension


It has been a while since I lived in the OpenCart and ecommerce world.  I enjoyed developing and understanding the different aspects of each company I’ve worked with.  I would love to get back into that realm some day.  Here is my small contribution from 2012 to the Open Cart community to allow for invoices to be printed as PDFs.  The extension version for OpenCart 1.5.x (Invoice to PDF 1.21) has over 18,000 downloads! That makes me happy that my contribution was worth checking out.

Today I am releasing an OpenCart 2.x compatible version: Invoice to PDF 2.0.  Be sure to checkout the official release and support thread for more information.

Using Silex to Refactor a Legacy PHP Application

We have a legacy application here where I work, MRS.  In my last post I talked about putting in place a front controller as the next logical step.  I started to take a different, more thoughtful, approach after discussing with my co-workers.  I used Silex.

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