Read when you need to know what you’re doing matters

We all feel under the weather certain days. I do and sometimes cannot put my finger on why.  I blame the absence of things typically: sun, vacation, money, etc. I start to question if what I am doing matters – really MATTERS.

Hi, my name is Chris, and I have imposter syndrome. This gets in my way when I need to know what I am doing makes a difference. I know you feel this way too so let’s reaffirm why you are here.

You’re making software that impacts lives

You may not know it but the code that you spent all night on? You just made someone else’s job easier! Really! You did! What do you mean, “Yea? So what?”!? You impacted someone’s life in a positive way! Remember that time you took out of your day to spend researching a problem? Remember how good it felt to finally have a conclusion to the issue?


You impact lives and have meaning further than you can perceive.

You were hired on because of your ability

You have this job because you have a particular set of skills – nothing that will help you track down your daughter. Your ability to solve problems is worth its weight in gold. You were hired on to do this job and do it well. It is important to stay grounded and humble – but remember that you are a professional and were hired on due to your ability not your inability.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed take a walk

Anxiety, stress, and anger will build up.  That is OK. Don’t let it blow up. Take a walk and think of something different than your current situation. We all get overwhelmed and usually over stress in situations like that – it’s what makes you… you.

Taking a walk will help you disconnect from the stress and might reduce that imposter syndrome you were feeling.