For the Love of Pasta

We returned home from a long summer trip recently and it was a learning experience for all.  Kym and I discovered a new fondness for flying compared to driving.  Charlotte was able to build a hotel in the sand by the beach.  Her beachfront property experienced several tidal disasters before she gave up on the endeavor coined “Hotel Charlotte”.  Henry discovered a new love for pasta made by Uncle Joe.  By discover I mean devour.

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Camping with Charlotte and Henry

Charlotte biking by Crystal Lake in Rhinelander, WI
Charlotte biking by Crystal Lake in Rhinelander, WI

Charlotte loved camping in Rhinelander.  Henry enjoyed his time eating nature.  He eventually learned that nature belongs on the ground – not in his mouth.  Only a few leaves and rocks made their happy journey to the digestive system.  An unforgettable experience for the leaves, rocks, and Henry.  An unforgettable experience for all of us.  It is amazing how nature and being away from home tends to do that.

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Charlotte’s progress at Nature’s Classroom Montessori School

Charlotte lining up the seats and her brother
Charlotte lining up the seats and her brother

Kym and I recently attended Charlotte’s parent/teacher conference at Nature’s Classroom Montessori School.  Charlotte is doing well in school and we couldn’t be happier.  She is struggling with attention and has a unique way of learning something new.  When I observed her I noted down that she seemed to glance at another child and “seemed lost”.

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Making Home Made Pasta with Charlotte

Learning by doing

The Smiths love pasta.  I think it goes back to growing up in a family of nine and having several pounds of it made for dinner to feed the hungry clan.  Pasta somehow changed my DNA and now Charlotte possesses that gluten loving, carb-fueled, Italian gene.  Now our family of four can demolish a full pound of pasta in one sitting, and Henry doesn’t eat pasta yet.  We have not reached the four pounds that Grandma Zignego makes but I wouldn’t mind if we did.  I love making pasta and enjoy that my daughter can learn how to make pasta by doing it with me.

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Gardening and Coffee Grounds

This year, you were helping Mom and Dad plant the vegetable garden.  While we were planting, Dad added some coffee grounds to work into the soil.  You picked up a chunk of coffee grounds and began to inspect it.  I said to Dad, “she’s going to eat it.”  He said, “No, she won’t.”  You, of course, proceed to put it into your mouth.  Dad runs over and takes it out of your mouth.  We both tell you “Yucky” and you respond back “Yummy.”  Not only did you eat used ground coffee off the ground, but you liked it.  Gross 🙂

Santa is coming soon!


Santa will be here any day now… probably around December 25th if I had to guess. It has been a crazy past few months with Mom and Dad looking for houses. That might be the best Christmas present for our family is that fact that we will be moving into our first house on December 28th of 2012.

You enjoyed your first Thanksgiving at Nana’s house this year and loved REAL turkey! No canned turkey for you! Just look at your face when you saw turkey! 😀


You and I play a lot more now. Just last night you were chasing me around and laughing hysterically when I hid and popped out to scare you. Mom might have some video of that happening. 10 months is a good age. You should stay this old. Okay?

I hope you know that everyone loves you.

Never be afraid to ask questions and keep your smile :).

Love, Dad

Great Nana and Niagara Falls

Little Charlotte,

The Smith family enjoyed a week long trip of:

  • Crying in the car seat for a 10 hour drive to Erie, PA
  • Crying in the car seat for a 2 hour drive to Niagara Falls
  • Crying when you could smell the car seat.
Nana fed you sugar to grow you big and strong, tsk tsk ;). Great Nana held you and was able to get really great pictures! It was a salty trip, but Mom and I sure learned a lot about you and everyone else. Despite being long and tiring, we came out alive and a closer family because of it. I hope you are amazed some day about the quality of pictures of Great Nana. I also hope that you wish to travel with us when you get older! Then you can remember the experience for decades to come.

Love, Dad

Roll Over Roll Over

Charlotte! You rolled over!  You did it for the first time on April 25th (only 2 days after turning 3 months old).  I didn’t see you do it on that day – you did it for the ladies at Kindercare, but a couple days later you did for me and for Nana.  You still haven’t rolled over for Dad yet, but I’m sure you will soon.  You are trying very hard to crawl and be mobile on your own.  Whenever you do “tummy time”, you get your butt up and your knees under you and try very hard to move.  You also manage to turn yourself when you’re facing one direction to facing the other direction.  You’re starting to grasp and hold things now.  Your favorite toy is a little sensory ball that you can get your fingers into and around.  You tend to get mad at it when you can’t suck on it though.  It’s so amazing watching you grow and change.  I’m so glad that I get to spend more time with you now.

Work and More Work

It’s very hard to work hundreds of hours and watch you grow up Charlotte. Sometimes I think it would be better if I just working for someone else and had a steady pay check. I question what I am doing all the time. Is this the right thing for my family? Is this the best for Charlotte? When will I burn out? *sigh*

I really have no idea on how these next few months are going to turn out. I know I need to produce more for the company while working less. No matter what the situation is, I want you to know, I love you. You mean the world to me. You are my motivation to keep going. Hopefully someday I will motivate you to do whatever you aspire to be.

I love you so much Charlotte. Thinking of our family’s future together will always bring tears of joy.