How to Migrate from SVN to Git

You’re still using SVN!?

Jim Blandy trembles as he watches Linus tempt you to come closer. Linus throws his VCS at you with horrible puns such as: ‘Git closer my boy’ and ‘In Git We Trust’.  He appears angelic while you are wondering why Jim ever captivated you in the first place.  Maybe it was the SVN charm?

You start forgetting the SVN commands. Worse, you start confusing Git commands with SVN when talking to friends. No longer will you be the only person answering yes to, “Does anyone use SVN?”. As soon you are done migrating to Git you will be denouncing SVN. You are starting to smile now and begin to think of ways to act like you’ve always ‘Gitted’ before.  SVN? What is that!?

Your smirk drops.

It dawns on you that you have to migrate your code repositories first and you have no idea on how to start.

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Resigning from a great team

Goodbye Liturgical Publications…

Sad LPi

This is bitter-sweet, and I don’t usually make such a cliché oxymoron, but it is hard not to when it’s true.  I have worked with LPi since July 2014 and was hired on by Aaron Saray.

I have met some awesome people at LPi and hope to stay in touch with them whenever possible.  Here is a short list of what I think are some positive contributions I’ve made while at LPi.

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