How to Migrate from SVN to Git

You’re still using SVN!?

Jim Blandy trembles as he watches Linus tempt you to come closer. Linus throws his VCS at you with horrible puns such as: ‘Git closer my boy’ and ‘In Git We Trust’.  He appears angelic while you are wondering why Jim ever captivated you in the first place.  Maybe it was the SVN charm?

You start forgetting the SVN commands. Worse, you start confusing Git commands with SVN when talking to friends. No longer will you be the only person answering yes to, “Does anyone use SVN?”. As soon you are done migrating to Git you will be denouncing SVN. You are starting to smile now and begin to think of ways to act like you’ve always ‘Gitted’ before.  SVN? What is that!?

Your smirk drops.

It dawns on you that you have to migrate your code repositories first and you have no idea on how to start.

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Your PHP Strengths and Weaknesses with Upwork

I have been freelancing more and more to test my strengths and identify my weaknesses.  I’ve found that the biggest challenge is to hold of on refactoring everything.  I find myself reminding myself to focus on the task at hand.  It is really, really hard.

For example, a recent client had a job posted with a budget of $15 and I need to increase my reputation so I can get decent jobs there.  The job posting was:

Change output from DOMPDF to 300dpi

“Wow, that is in the dompdf config file!” I said stupidly to myself.

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Refactoring legacy PHP code

Spaghetti Code - John Trainer Flicker
‘Spaghetti Code’ cc John Trainor – flickr

Spaghetti code is frightening, but it is something that we all have hanging out there on the Internet that our 14 year old self would be amazed by.  Spaghetti code is technically known as legacy code.  I struggled with refactoring a larger application I did into a MVC architecture.  It was about half of a million lines of PHP code.  Refactoring it was an uphill battle and was well worth it.  Wanting to call it quits was tempting and now I can share with you pitfalls and strategies to use when evaluating your next project.  I’ll go through the steps and thought process I had when it came to refactoring my PHP application.

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